is your place to get Real Drum Tracks and unique, customized drum sounds on your songs. Played by session drummer Brody Simpson and recorded with Mark McEwen at Underground Recording Studios, a real world, professional, purpose built recording studio.

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At, we want your songs to have the world-class feel they deserve. We don’t just have one kit permanently set up with the exact same microphones and signal chain for every session. We use our experience as producers, engineers and musicians to choose the right instruments, microphones, preamps and processing to tailor a truly unique drum recording to your needs. Underground Recording Studios, our home base, with its extensive range of modern and vintage drums, cymbals, high-end audio gear and acoustically refined performance and listening environments, is the perfect place to get the drum sound that you’re looking for.

Brody Simpson is a professional drummer based in Perth, Western Australia, and a co-owner, producer and engineer at Underground Recording Studios. With over 25 years experience playing drums and hundreds of sessions and live shows under his belt, he has made a name for himself as a highly regarded musician in the Australian music community. Having played everything from pop, acoustic singer/songwriter, folk, country, rock, alternative, hardcore and metal to R&B, soul, hip hop, drum ‘n’ bass and electronica, his knowledge of musical genre and sound will bring the right drum parts and tones to your songs.

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