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Our passion is music. We love creating it, playing it, listening to it and recording it. We understand that music is a huge part of your life, as it is ours, and we work with this in mind at all times. We offer a range of services to help you enjoy creating music as much as we do. For commercial, advertising, major label, film and TV, please email

*Australian Clients please note that all prices are inclusive of GST*

Real Drum Tracks


$300 AUD per song

Simply upload your song and we’ll send you 2 full, varied takes of high quality, real drum tracks unique to your song. We’ve made it easy to add a real human feel to your rhythm section! Please check our How It Works page for specifics on the process, what we require from you and exactly what you’ll receive.

Drum tracks for a reasonably straight-forward song, up to and including 3 minutes and 59 seconds in length are $300 AUD (Australian Dollars). We’re more than happy to work out a discounted rate for larger projects of 3 or more songs. Email to discuss rates. For a more complicated or much longer song we will contact you to discuss pricing options.

Real Percussion Tracks


$25 AUD per inst, per song

We can also help you add percussion with the right feel for your song. Tambourine, shaker, claps, stomps, hand percussion and a wide variety of other interesting instruments are on hand to enhance your music for just $25 AUD per instrument per song.

Real Drum Sample Tracks


$35 AUD per track

Many contemporary genres of music require larger than life, almost supernatural drum sounds. This is often achieved by augmenting the existing drum recordings with heavily processed drum samples to add extra clarity, consistency, depth and punch without the unwanted bleed. However, this can sound unnatural if the samples don’t blend well with the live drum tracks. Not a problem! We can provide a multiple dynamic-layer sample track for each close mic’d drum, using the drum sounds recorded for your song, processed ready for mix, to provide a more organic and truly unique version of that larger than life sound.

Real MIDI Drum Tracks


$200 AUD per song

If you want the versatility and editability of MIDI drums without having to settle for stale programmed drum parts, we’ve got you covered. We’ll provide you with a drum part, played on an electric kit and mapped to Toontrack’s EZdrummer 2. We’ll also provide you with a list of the drums and their corresponding MIDI notes so that you can easily map them to different drum software. From there you can choose whatever drum sounds you want to suit your mix, edit parts very easily, even change the tempo. Real human feel with the versatility of MIDI.

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